How we make our patented Lightning Cornhole Boards

Step 1: We build our boards then route out a perfect 6" hole using a CNC Router.

Step 2: The board is then sanded smooth, sprayed with a sealing primer, then sanded again before painting.

Step 3: Vinyl or any custom graphics are applied. Our standard vinyl is wrapped around the front and rear face. This does two things, one it looks better and two it prevents the vinyl on the edges from flaking. To further prevent flaking, all of our boards aside from the bare boards are clear coated.

Step 4: The board is now ready to be routed out for the numbers. We use our CNC router to precisely carve the numbers into our boards.

Step 5: LED Segments are inserted into the pockets that were created previously. This is lights up to produce the score.

Step 6: All of the other electronics, switches, and battery required to make the scoreboard function are installed.

Step 7: We next use a CNC Laser Cutter to cut out plexi glass shapes that fit into the pockets that are routed into the face of the board. They are designed to fit perfectly flush with the surface so they do not effect the sliding of the bags.

Step 8: The plexi glass is then permanently glued into the face of the board. If you're worried about durability click here to see our long term durability testing.